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Applex Methodologies

Lean Principles

The five-step thought process for guiding the implementation of Lean techniques.

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7 Wastes

The identification of which elements of work add value & which areas do not add value.

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A method of establishing high standards of house-keeping & operational readiness.

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The Toyota Way

Continuous Improvement and Respect for People are at the heart of the Toyota management approach.

Our Core Values

"Applex Management Ltd's main Corporate Value is based on the firm belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs, exceeding your expectations, adding value into your business and earning your trust."

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Applex Management's Kaizen Consultancy mission is to provide you, as our client, with the tools and support needed to create a sustainable culture of Continuous Improvement throughout your organisation.

Kaizen Strategy

The first challenge of Kaizen is to develop the right strategy for your business and gain consensus and commitment to action with all stakeholders. We will work with you to achieve this.

The next step in our Kaizen programme is to teach your staff about the 7 Wastes and how to identify these in the work place. We'll teach them the basic tools of Practical Problem Solving and PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) to reduce the 7 Wastes to an absolute minimum. Wherever possible, we will eliminate them entirely. Remember, Waste is a Cost to your business. With our help, you will get control of these costs, which are often hidden.
Next, we coach and practically support your staff as they begin to apply their new skills in developing and implementing business improvements in their work areas.

Understanding Kaizen

Your senior staff also need to understand Kaizen if they are to manage it effectively. An integral aspect of our Kaizen programme is to coach your senior staff in how the Kaizen Cycle of Continuous Improvement can work beneficially within your business. They will learn how important it is to nurture the Kaizen activity, to encourage their teams and provide appropriate recognition for the results. Senior staff will learn how to track the progress of kaizen activities and how to quantify the value added to your business.

Our Kaizen Approach

From teaching and helping you to apply best-practice techniques for Continuous Improvement, we work closely with you and your team to ensure that Kaizen becomes firmly embedded and all key members of your team know and understand how to continue adding value indefinitely.

Good Kaizen is highly collaborative and therefore requires teamwork, but it also demands leadership. Should you wish, we will lead from the front, helping to create a structured and positive environment in which every member of your team can become enabled to deliver their best. Alternatively, you may prefer that we develop some key members of your own team to lead the activity. We are here to support you to achieve your goals.

Over 30 Years of Kaizen Study, Implementation and Consultancy

Applex Management's Kaizen Consultancy service is based on over 30 years of practical management and leadership experience in delivering and teaching Continuous Improvement in many industry sectors and many business areas.

How Will Kaizen Benefit Your Business?

> Identifies and solves problems at source, and changes standards to ensure the problems are permanently solved – sustainable improvement.
> Improves employee skills. Your workforce will learn more about their processes and how to improve them.
> Improves production capacity, space utilisation, communications and use of capital.
> Delivers immediate and measurable results. Kaizen involves the whole team in creative thinking that continually solves large numbers of small problems in your business. Often, these problems are so small you don’t even know about them! But cumulatively, they amount to a large drain on your resources and/or cash-flow.

What Results can you expect from our Kaizen programme?

> Reduced Waste such as defects & scrap, inventory, waiting times, transportation, worker motion, over production, over-processing. Reduced Waste means Reduced Cost.
> Reduced Environmental Impact as a direct result of your reduced waste.
> Improved productivity, quality, safety and delivery times – all of which Improve Your Profits!
> Kaizen-engaged employees generally find work to be more enjoyable — resulting in higher employee morale & job satisfaction, and therefore lower staff turn-over (another way of Reducing Cost in your business).
Greater customer satisfaction, leading to customer retention, repeat business and referrals.

In summary, our Kaizen Consultancy programme will make a highly value-added, long-term impact in YOUR ORGANISATION.

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Our Mission

Applex Management is a Lean, Kaizen and Leadership Coaching Consultancy.

With a tailored improvement programme to match the needs of your organisation, we will teach your leadership team proven no-cost methods and techniques to increase your profits by streamlining your operational processes, i.e. the daily jobs carried out by everyone in your organisation.

We will teach your team the Kaizen Cycle of Continuous Improvement, so improvement activity can continue in your organisation indefinitely. Can you imagine if everyone in your organisation was thinking of and working on ways to improve their work processes? This will give your organisation the value of that crucial competitive edge.

We coach senior staff to manage Kaizen effectively through developing their own coaching skills. This will generate employee and stakeholder engagement and we will show your leaders how to measure the business benefits of these improvements through at-a-glance visual management of your critical operational measurables, such as Productivity, Quality, Cost and more.

Learn more about Lean Principles and the kaizen cycle of Continuous Improvement. For Lean & Kaizen teaching and leadership coaching that will make a huge difference to your strategy deployment and execution, call Applex Management today.

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