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Applex Methodologies

Lean Principles

The five-step thought process for guiding the implementation of Lean techniques.

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7 Wastes

The identification of which elements of work add value & which areas do not add value.

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A method of establishing high standards of house-keeping & operational readiness.

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The Toyota Way

Continuous Improvement and Respect for People are at the heart of the Toyota management approach.

Our Core Values

"Applex Management Ltd's main Corporate Value is based on the firm belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs, exceeding your expectations, adding value into your business and earning your trust."

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Every day brings new operational challenges that urgently need resolving and management may spend most of their time troubleshooting.

In the long run, this approach simply won't work. While a short-term crisis is always urgent, it can take your eye off other things you could be doing towards the future of your organisation. Spending your time resolving delivery issues or bottleneck processes is valuable in the short-term – but focusing instead on strategic organisational imperatives could lay the foundations for growth for years to come.

You need key members of your staff to be equipped to deal with problems. Applex Management will coach your leadership team and teach your operatives. We'll develop them to recognise and quantify problems early, and gain the capability with structured methodology to problem-solve to root cause and implement measures to resolve problems permanently.

Developing this kind of problem-solving capability in your team would free up your time to focus on the governance of your business, or on marketing campaigns, developing your brand and winning more sales.

Instead of treating each problem as a one-off, Applex Management will help you to develop systems and structures that will enable you to identify problems or Concerns, Contain and Countermeasure them. A "3C" approach.

With Problem Solving you can expect to see the following organisational benefits:
> Increased understanding and use of proven problem solving techniques, enabling increased productivity and improved equipment uptime,with recurring problems eliminated.
> Standardised work processes, enabling improved safety, quality, on-time/in-full delivery, reduced cost and improved employee skill levels.
> Improved Employee Engagement
throughout all operational areas, as everyone understands how they can contribute more to the success of the organisation, while at the same time improving the ‘workability’ of the job they do.
> Reduced cost,
as your team finds ways to eliminate waste from their area of the organisation.
> Skills improved within teams as individuals learn more through solving problems.
> A team capable of supporting improvement in all areas of the organisation.

With world-class problem solving tools at your disposal, your team will develop their capabilities, therefore helping you to create a stronger, more agile organisation that is better able to deliver to your customers On Time, In Full and Right First Time.

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Our Mission

Applex Management is a Lean, Kaizen and Leadership Coaching Consultancy.

With a tailored improvement programme to match the needs of your organisation, we will teach your leadership team proven no-cost methods and techniques to increase your profits by streamlining your operational processes, i.e. the daily jobs carried out by everyone in your organisation.

We will teach your team the Kaizen Cycle of Continuous Improvement, so improvement activity can continue in your organisation indefinitely. Can you imagine if everyone in your organisation was thinking of and working on ways to improve their work processes? This will give your organisation the value of that crucial competitive edge.

We coach senior staff to manage Kaizen effectively through developing their own coaching skills. This will generate employee and stakeholder engagement and we will show your leaders how to measure the business benefits of these improvements through at-a-glance visual management of your critical operational measurables, such as Productivity, Quality, Cost and more.

Learn more about Lean Principles and the kaizen cycle of Continuous Improvement. For Lean & Kaizen teaching and leadership coaching that will make a huge difference to your strategy deployment and execution, call Applex Management today.

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